BBC Arabic Cinema Badila

We’re preparing a series of thematic episodes and a whole season around reflections on on analyses of the “Arab Spring”. Get in touch if you want to submit a film.

Mydylarama / Clermont-Ferrand FF

Clermont is running! We’ve just received the links to the films and will be discussing the interview format early December.

We’re also delighted to be members of the Media Fund and News Club UK, who will host a discussion every Thursday at 5 pm. Check our Facebook page for links.

Our mydylarama podcast is still running. Get in touch with comments and requests!

Emerging Filmmakers Night

EFN will be running a series of workshops on fundraising, scriptwriting and festival strategy. I’ll be co-hosting the third one, with my programmer colleagues. Cheap, accessible and incredibly informative. Keep an eye out for these around mid-December.


I’m working on a new musical comedy by David Lescot… More on that soon.

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